The benefits of condominium living

Where to live is, without a doubt, one of our most transcendental decisions.

Where to live is, without a doubt, one of our most transcendental decisions. Of the many options to choose from, condominiums have emerged as an alternative that, because of its benefits and conveniences, may be ideal for a modern life in the city.


First of all, it is a great opportunity for first-time buyers and people who like to live together. In addition, its location brings the comfort of having all sorts of places and daily activities nearby.


The plus of amenities


Unlike those who choose isolated units in subdivisions or suburbs, the owner of a condominium not only benefits from it, but also from their participation in common areas and amenities shared with other owners.


Many developments of this type are also very safe: with central entrances, permanent surveillance, high-tech systems, and even smartphone access, not to mention that, with so many neighbors around, there is always someone to turn to in case of emergency. Although the cost of maintenance varies among the different options, in general, condominium life has to be cheaper compared to that of a house, especially when the operating budget is divided among a larger number of units or when the number of amenities is lower. It is true that one of the greatest benefits of a condominium are the amenities, but it is also true that there are many options that vary in quantity and quality to adjust to different market preferences. Some condominiums have pools, hot tubs, grills, gyms, and community clubhouse activities, while others offer recreation opportunities in their green areas.

The most sophisticated projects even have energy efficiency functions that are difficult to find in single-family homes. Other technological solutions are mobile applications that allow paying fees, registering guests, booking rooms, communicating with other tenants, and even panic buttons.

In general, it must be considered that the more services there are, the higher the monthly fee will be. Therefore, the art is in choosing the alternative with amenities that adapt to your needs and being conscious of the obligations that these suppose, so that the budget is optimal in relation to the real use.

Community Life

The condominium experience also fosters a great sense of community. In general, residents of this type of development achieve a closer relationship than neighbors in the suburbs or residential streets.


There are social activities that make it possible: from small, everyday dynamics such as sharing the mailroom to large events in the clubhouse or common areas.


From these facilities derive opportunities such as group yoga classes and other exercises, which also serve as an excuse to relate to the rest of the services. Those who have children also frequently have access to activities with a family atmosphere.


Of course, such proximity also implies its dose of risks, like the possibility of having a noisy neighbor. Therefore, it is important to know the rules of each site before making a purchase decision.


In short, for its multiple benefits (social, logistical, security, health and entertainment), deciding for a condominium can be a great investment not only for your pocket but also for your well-being and general happiness.